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Monila Mavi Living Room

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8,253 TL
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6,603 TL
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13.11.2018 - 23.11.2018
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    • - All materials used in this product have been carefully selected.
      - Produced by the best furniture masters of Turkey with perfect workmanship.
      - There are no substances harmful to human health in its contents.
      - It is one of the best quality and original design examples of Turkish Furniture.
      - It is a comfortable, stylish and original design that keeps the aesthetic of the place on the front.

      Kumaş Türü
      Sırt Modeli
      Eğimli Sırtlı, Bol Yastıklı, Mindersiz
      Kol Tipi
      İnce Kol
      İskelet Malzemesi
      Gürgen Ağacı
      Ürün Özelliği
      Sünger Yoğunluğu
      Ayak Tipi

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