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      Established in 2004 with the vision of being an innovative and global brand with an international value in the furniture sector, EVGÖR furniture has become one of the few companies in the field with its investments and successful strategies. With its products, EVGÖR Mobilya, which has entered into the home of some 80 thousand family members to date, produces unique, modern, high quality and trendy designs for its suppliers and brings them to customers all over Turkey with the assurance of service, installation and after sales service. EVGÖR, serving with Beyoğlu, Dudullu , Masko and Tuzla stores in both sides of Istanbul, also sells products to every corner of the world via, Turkey's first largest internet furniture store. Having registered its quality with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and Customer Satisfaction Process with ISO 10002: 2006 documentary, EVGÖR Mobilya has crowned its privileged position with its EU Quality Award and Consumer Quality Award. EVGÖR, which is one of the steadily growing brands of Turkish Furniture Sector, has shown continuous growth performance in terms of sales volume and has been expanding its sales to EU countries such as Germany, France and Greece and a wide geographical region from Central Asia to Russia and Azerbaijan Retail sales. We also sell unique luxury furniture models of luxury classical furniture brand in our Tuzla store. In the coming period, the Middle East aims to open up to the Balkans and Central Asian countries. You can find Evason Furniture's Bedroom, Dining Room, Sofa Sets, Living Room Sets, Corner Sets, Tv Units, Young Rooms, Baby Rooms, Home Decorating Products, Hotel Furniture, Office Furnitures, Bed, Baza, Bunk and Wedding Packages. Modern Furniture, Modern Style, Classic Style, British Style, Baroque, Retro, etc. according to your style, in 4 big stores located in Istanbul with Special Design Furnitures, Country Furniture Models, Most Affordable Furniture Wedding Packages. You can see the furniture in many ways. Best Price Guarantee in Mobiles Turkey's most comprehensive furniture site is the best price guarantee for all products from! Special Furniture Order Opportunity The option of converting all the furniture products you imagine into reality is available in Evgör. 24/7 Accessibility Our Furniture Stores are open 7 days a week including Saturday and Sunday. You can send us an email 24 hours a day from the Internet. Escrow System You can leave your store in our store for up to 3 years until the product you choose will be yours. Secure Online Shopping Our website is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption system. All you'd like the furniture designs safely. Unbelievable Delivery Opportunities 100 TL in Istanbul and you will have your transportation and assembly company at your purchases. EVGÖR Mobilya also provides payment convenience for your shopping. Cash Advantage discount advantage, pre-paid bills sales system, 9 months installment price in cash and flexible payment facilities are waiting for you at EVGÖR.
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